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We would like to advise that we are not in connection with Moving on Project Portsmouth. We have received a high volume of calls from people seeking furniture but we are completely separate and would appreciate if contact was made to them directly in regards to this. Thank you

Free confidential support for young people in Fareham and Gosport

The Moving On Project is a charity working in Fareham and Gosport, to provide help for young people aged 11-25, to improve their lives. We offer confidential, discrete support, including free counselling to local young people.

We are based at the X-perience Youth Centre, Fareham and also offer counselling in Gosport.


Counselling can make a big difference. Talk to a counsellor in confidence to explore your thoughts and feelings. All our counsellors are appropriately trained and won’t judge you. The role of a counsellor is to listen to what you want to talk about – not to provide ready made solutions. It’s often a great relief just to be listened to.

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Young people say……

All the help and ideas suggested were relevant and appropriate – I felt like my counsellor got to know me and could adapt their judgement and advice to suit me personally
I liked how well I was listened to and that my first sessions of counselling were used effectively to understand me as a person
Excellent service, very personal and confidential and I felt listened to and reassured despite some of my anxieties being trivial. Thank you so much
I was understood
It was fantastic and I would 100% recommend them to anyone in need of them
It helped me find new ways to calm my stress levels at school and home
It has helped a lot in a short space of time and I feel a lot better than I did when I started
I was listened to and respected – I wasn’t made to feel small/stupid/insignificant
My helper helped me to find out a lot about me as an individual and about emotions and how to get out of situations I shouldn’t be in
I was always listened to and taken seriously and I felt safe enough to let everything out which I needed to
I got on really well with my counsellor and that I have managed to walk away with ideas on how to process things and a way to move forward
The fact that I had someone to listen to and support me when I needed it – just to get my problems out was great
I am so grateful to have someone to talk to openly and who helps understand how I can improve my life and ways to take action
I feel like I had someone who I could talk to and would listen to me about my problems. I’ve got techniques for dealing with my anxiety and stress
The volunteer that I talked to seemed to have a helpful understanding of my problems unlike anyone else I have talked to


We will do our best to help but please note that the Moving on Project is not an emergency service. If you are unable to contact us and feel in despair please phone the Samaritans on 116 123, at or by email at


If you are in danger please phone the Police, 999