Working with us – for Parents

The young person will receive a total of 6 sessions each week lasting 50 minutes with a qualified counsellor. The first session is used to establish what the young person hopes to aim to gain from counselling. Crucially the work centres on your child and their emotional wellbeing.

To help a young person:

  • Try to help the young person to recognise the value of regularly attending sessions.
  • Respect that it is the choice of the young person whether to attend their session.
  • Give them time and space, they may have a lot to think about and information to digest. They will share their thoughts and feelings if and when they are ready to.
  • Support them to express how they are feeling.
  • Trust the professional relationship between them and the counsellor.


Our aims

Throughout these sessions we aim to build resilience, provide information, develop positive coping strategies, increase self-esteem, identify strengths, abilities and skills and promote mental well-being.