A confidential service for children and young people aged 11-25 who live in the Fareham and Gosport Area


Counselling is an opportunity to talk to someone

In confidence, about anything that is worrying you . This could be about your home life, school, college, relationships or just about how you are feeling about yourself.

Counselling can be very helpful when lots of things are going on in your life. At times like that it can be hard to talk to people who are close to you.

Our Counsellors are friendly and welcoming and will not make judgements about you or your problems. Your Counsellor will never tell you what to do.

You decide if you would like counselling. We will usually offer you six weekly sessions of counselling.

The Moving On Project in 2019




Counselling Session


GP Referrals

“It has enabled me to become more comfortable with who I really am . The Counsellor has really given me the courage to feel better about myself and my situation my whole quality of life has improved. Everyone needs to know more about The Moving on Project. I am so grateful for everything the Counsellor has done for me and would recommend it to any young person.”


The Moving on Project provides free confidential counselling to help you with any problem that may be worrying you such as:

Feeling low/or depressed


Relationships with family or friends

Problems with drugs and alcohol


Difficulties at school



Feeling stressed or anxious

Self- Harm

Anger Management

Loneliness or feeling isolated

Most people find it very helpful just to have been listened to and have their concerns taken seriously.


If you think counselling can help you, please get in touch. Anyone can refer themselves to counselling by calling us on:01329-822331 or by e-mailing

We will take some details from you and then arrange an initial assessment. Your initial assessment will be with one of our trained counsellors and is a chance for you to tell us about why you need counselling. Our counsellors are approachable, friendly and professional. We will listen to you and talk with you about our counselling service so you can decide if it would help you.
We can also tell you about other services that might be able to help you.

If you want to refer a young person , you need their permission to do so.

Young people say……

“All the help and ideas suggested were relevant and appropriate – I felt like my counsellor got to know me and could adapt their judgement and advice to suit me personally”
“I liked how well I was listened to and that my first sessions of counselling were used effectively to understand me as a person”
I got on really well with my counsellor and that I have managed to walk away with ideas on how to process things and a way to move forward
Excellent service, very personal and confidential and I felt listened to and reassured despite some of my anxieties being trivial. Thank you so much


Counsellors are selected for many qualities in addition to their qualifications and experience . Each Counsellor has a mature personality, a lot of life experience and is non-judgemental.

All have regular clinical supervision and ongoing professional training throughout the year. All Counsellors are DBS checked at enhanced level.

We are committed to the BACP Ethical Framework for The Counselling Professions


Equal opportunities

All children and young people have an equal right to use our project and an equal right to respect



We believe you have a right to privacy so we offer a confidential service . Everything you tell us can remain confidential. This means we will won’t talk about any details you tell us to anyone outside of The Moving on Project unless there is a serious risk of harm to you or another person.

Important Notice

We would like to advise that we are not in connection with Moving on Project Portsmouth. We have received a high volume of calls from people seeking furniture but we are completely separate and would appreciate if contact was made to them directly in regards to this . Thank you.

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