Capability Statement

The Moving On Project background

The Moving On Project has continuously and consistently provided one -to 0ne counselling for young people aged 11-25 years since 1995. Working predominately in the Fareham and Gosport region the service also covers South East Hampshire. From April 2018- March 2019 the Moving on Project provided 1931 sessions of counselling for young people.

The service specialises in delivering person-centred counselling. Intensive counselling in 6 sessions sometimes called solution -focused counselling. This provides positive change for the client as quickly as possible and in the most cost effective way.

Key to our success is matching the client to the Counsellor best suited for the clients needs. This develops a good working relationship from the onset of counselling.

“Improving mental health in the shortest possible time”

Counselling follows a well defined procedure:


On a day of your choice a 50 minute assessment of your counselling needs


Assessment is followed by 6 counselling sessions, one a week focusing on the issue requiring counselling.


Quality assurance we review all counselling and overall quality of the service.

Why choose the moving on project?

  • Over 25 years experience psychological health
  • A specialised young persons’ service
  • An independent evaluation found 94% of young people’s improves after counselling at The Moving on Project
  • Individual client matching to Counsellor


To deliver quality counselling at affordable prices


To match the client to the Counsellor for best possible outcome


Counsellors are selected by personality, experience, skills and background that meets the requirements of the client. All Counsellors have Diplomas or degrees in Counselling and extensive experience of working with young people. All Counsellors receive continuing professional development.


  • Anxiety and Bereavement
  • Family issues and Low Mood/ Depression and LGBT counselling
  • Bullying Self-Harm and Confidence/ Self Esteem issues and Abuse n Anger


  • 6 sessions for change
  • Enabling children to return to school
  • Improvement in student functioning
  • Group work on self-Esteem and confidence that works
  • Psycho-education for parents on understanding your teenager and building a good relationship
  • Training on good mental health in the work place
  • Past project or Customers brief description.
  • Contracted by CCG to provide counselling in the Fareham and Gosport Area ages 11-17 years with CCG

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